Florida is a no-fault state regarding auto accidents. That means that drivers’ insurance companies pay for injuries and damages no matter who was at fault. Every Florida driver is required to carry a personal injury policy of $10,000 per person per crash.

However, Florida law does allow personal injury lawsuits if injuries are serious. Serious injuries include loss of bodily function, permanent injury, scarring and disfigurement. Automobile accidents can cause back and neck injuries, traumatic brain injuries or worse. Often in such cases, an auto accident lawyer is consulted to explore legal options.


Automobile accidents are generally decided using the law of negligence. A person who negligently operates a vehicle may be required to pay any damages caused by their negligence, whether bodily harm or property damage. Generally, people who operate automobiles must exercise "reasonable care under the circumstances." Failure to use reasonable care is the basis in most lawsuits for damages caused by an automobile accident.

Courts look to a number of factors in determining whether a driver was negligent, such as:

  • Driving too fast or too slow
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Failing to signal while turning
  • Disregarding weather or traffic conditions
  • Disobeying traffic signs or signals
  • Failing to drive on the right side of the road
  • A driver may also be liable for an accident caused by intentional or reckless conduct. A driver who is reckless is one who drives unsafely, with willful and wanton disregard for the probability that the driving may cause an accident.


    Many car accident victims are unaware of what they can recover for in a car accident injury lawsuit. Many assume their auto insurance will help them recover from their accident financially, however, insurance companies often fight such compensation. Auto accident compensation available includes:

  • Lost Wages
  • Medical Bills
  • Vehicle Damage
  • Property Damage
  • Pain & Suffering
  • Future Medical Care
  • If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident in West Palm Beach and think you may be eligible to file a claim against the responsible party, contact our law office today. We can help you determine fault, seek compensation for your injuries, or damages for lost work.

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